Hale Flow Bar Salted Peanut

Hale Flow Bar Salted Peanut

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Made in Melbourne, Australia by a chef and an athlete, Hale Bars are packed full of wholesome, nutritious ingredients with delicious flavours for that hit of real food energy whenever you need it.

Flow Bars were made for those who need to keep going. With the great taste of premium nuts and dried fruit they’re packed with real food energy for that long ride, when chasing the perfect wave or for when you just need to get through the afternoon.

If you love peanut butter this bar is for you. Made from Australian peanuts, dates and Himalayan pink salt this bar has the perfect salty, sweet balance.

The idea for it came from one of our dedicated testers while he was attempting the 24-hour track distance record. Long hours in the saddle had him craving salt and something familiar and easy to eat as he refuelled. This is also the first bar people reach for when that afternoon slump hits.

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