Unfortunately, at times what can actually happen on the road, during the ride is out of our control.

Please be aware that there are always risks and hazards when riding on the road: from cars, from other cyclists (including riders in the group) and from random events (potholes, dogs, fallen tree branches etc). 

It is the primary responsibility of each rider to look out for themselves and for each other.

If you witness an accident, it’s important that you:

  • Follow all instructions given by the Ride Leader.

  • Make sure there is no ongoing danger, especially to yourself – for example do not continue to occupy a lane if you will be stationary for an extended period of time, move away from intersections or crossings.

  • Help anyone who is injured.

  • If the accident was with a car, and the car doesn’t stop, try to take down the Registration Number (ideally, take a photo)

  • Make sure that others on the ride know your name and contact details, in case you need to be a witness, and also obtain contact details of any other vehicles or pedestrians that may have witnessed the incident.

Finally, concussion is a serious issue and a risk to both the injured person and anyone riding with the Group.

If somebody takes a blow to their head on a ride, their ride is over.

Someone else from the ride will wait with them until they are collected.

For the safety of themselves and others, under no circumstances will the injured rider be permitted to keep riding with the group, even if they feel fine.