Bikes - Custom

It all begins with an idea. It might be restoring or repainting your current bike, building a custom wheel set, or creating a something very personal and uniquely yours. 

MC offers a range of services to help you achieve your customisation. 

Custom Bike Build

To begin your journey and order your own bespoke build, please book an appointment with our MC team. During this appointment we’ll be able to walk you through the process over a coffee (or two) and provide some examples of recent work. Of course, if you’re already 100% decided on exactly what you want - even better!

A full professional bike fit (preferably RETUL) will be required to capture your measurement data to the millimetre, and some Q&A on your riding history, preferences, and future plans which we can also arrange. 

MC will manage the entire process which will include your bespoke and individual paint and artwork along with colour coded and matched components if desired.

MC partners with custom manufacturers Parlee and FiftyOne Bikes. See options below.

Our team will liaise with the manufacturer throughout the process - all the way to frame completion / paintwork and final expert build by MC. Your first service is also included on us.

Pricing for a full bespoke bike build starts from $10,000. Pricing is indicative only, and will be confirmed after the design process, and be subject to FX and GST Landed Duties (10%). A 50% deposit (non refundable) will be required when  placing your order to initiate the production process with the balance due prior to shipping. 

Custom Bike Paint

Maybe you want to keep the factory design and change the colours. Maybe you want to design your own competition colours. Or maybe you want to create a one of a kind piece of artwork on wheels. Whatever it is, we can make your idea a reality.

Custom paint work. From a simple gloss or matt finish on your existing bike through to a full custom design and colour scheme of metallics, pearls, flakes, fluros or colour shift specialty finishes. Your custom paint job is only limited by your imagination.

Touchup and restorations. Is your bike looking a bit tired and beaten up? Scratches and stone chips are all a part of riding. Restore your pride and joy to that brand new, out of the shop condition. Your bike deserves it.

Prices start from $1200 and will be subject to quotation. 

Custom Wheel Build

You may want a wheel set that simply can't be bought off the shelf. Our team will consult with you on optimal spoke, hub and rim choices based on your riding style, performance, and budget. 

Our experience and skilled mechanics will build your wheel meticulously, and provide a complimentary wheel true and tension check after 1 month.