This Sunday MC Velo members will be riding the World Champs Course in Wollongong. This is a tremendous opportunity to ride it before the pros do in September. It will also be a great way to celebrate the end of the Men's Tour and the start of the Le Tour des Femmes on the same day.

When we all watch the World Champs in September 2022, having had the opportunity to ride the course, the race will come alive. Riding the course and knowing its lumps, challenges, and fast sections, will change the way you look at the racing and what riders are experiencing.

Here is our route plan and options…

We will ride to Wollongong (via Helensburgh) for the UCI course, then either return by train (Wollongong to Sydney), or simply ride back for the Longest Day option (200+km)!! 

The first option is to ride to Wollongong for the UCI Course and then return to Sydney by train. This will make it a 145km 1900^m route.


After eating brunch in North Wollongong, we will commence the UCI World Course over the next 55kms.

Following the UCI loop in Wollongong, we will have completed 145kms and the opportunity to return to Sydney via train. We expect this to be ~13:00. This will be a high quality ride and the only thing to watch out for is falling asleep on the train ride home!

And then we have the Longest Day option to make a route of 235kms 2900^m. No train for this bunch! After a small sendoff, we will setoff back to Sydney ~ 13:20.

We will end somewhere for a celebratory drink!