We love our CAADs

We love our CAADs

We love our CAADs at MC. Most of us have a CAAD12 setup and a regular choice. At the time of its release in 2016, the CAAD12 was easily the most sophisticated and top performing aluminium road bike made. 

Our experience of the CAAD12 shows it to be smooth yet responsive and a great high-performance alternative to carbon. Considering value for performance, the CAAD is hard to go past. 

I use mine as the go-to travel bike...a bike that is light (getting down to 7kgs fully spec’d), can meet all riding conditions and terrain, and truth be known..something I am less worried about being damaged (in airline baggage combat, or some unexpected gravel) than I would a carbon frame. 

But that’s enough about the CAAD12. This week we were pleased to hear of road.cc awarding 2019/20 road bike of the year to the CAAD13. This is no mean feat when considering the competitive field of all road bikes (including carbon) valued at less than £3,500 ($6,600). That’s the kind of value and performance assessment we like at MC, keeping the CAAD at the top of its peers!

Like the improvements between the CAAD12 and CAAD10 to make an affordable and versatile racer and climber in one, the CAAD13 isn’t just a new numbered model. In keeping the best bits, the CAAD13 brings drag reduction, more comfort and capability, without increasing bike weight. 

The CAAD13 has the same geometry and riding position as the SuperSix EVO - so you don’t need to have carbon fibre to enjoy all that the SuperSix has to offer. The dropped seat stays bring additional flex in the seat post and therefore comfort. All models feature Ballistec carbon fiber forks and offer 30mm tire clearance on disc models (28mm is still max recommended for clincher wheelsets).

You can read the full road.cc review of the CAAD13 Disc 105 here: Verdict: Aero-tuned aluminium road bike that proves carbon isn’t the only option for a smooth ride.

The CAAD13 sounds like a necessary weapon for my mix of local hills, commuting, and bike travel! 

MC stocks the full range of CAAD13 bikes and frame sets for sale. We also have CAAD12 bikes available for hire. Whether you are looking for value and performance or a frame set to customise, get in contact with the team as we would love to discuss our own CAAD experiences and set you up for a rewarding all-round bike experience with a CAAD13.