MC x La Pavoni - the perfect combination

MC x La Pavoni - the perfect combination

Does cycling revolve around coffee or does coffee revolve around cycling? It doesn't matter, cycling is synonymous with coffee. Cycling and coffee is the perfect combination. MC and La Pavoni is also a perfect combination. 

We are proud of the masterpiece La Pavoni coffee machine in the MC Clubhouse, and you may have already had the chance to enjoy coffee at the Clubhouse. Now there is a chance to bring it home.

MC will be hosting two La Pavoni Demo Days in August - Saturday August 20 and Saturday August 27. This is your chance to see working domestic machines from the La Pavoni range and access exclusive MC x La Pavoni discounts.

Come along to see La Pavoni, enjoy a coffee, and take a premium Italian coffee machine home.

We look forward to seeing you for coffee at the MC Clubhouse in August.


La Pavoni coffee machines are made by hand in Milan demonstrating a dedication to perfecting coffee for over a century.

La Pavoni was founded in 1905 by Desiderio Pavoni in a little workshop in Milan.

Crafted with brass components, stainless steel base and a refined chrome finish, La Pavoni machines are premium appliances built to endure the rigures of producing coffee of the highest standard.