CV19: Suspension of MC Open rides until further notice

CV19: Suspension of MC Open rides until further notice

In the last fortnight, there have been restrictive measures put back in place in Victoria, and heightened awareness in broader New South Wales. We are mindful of medical and government advice, and while leisure activities are not currently restricted in Sydney, we are very focussed on the safety of our riding groups. 


With your ongoing health & safety in mind, the MC Team has taken the decision to suspend all MC Open rides for the time being. MC will continue to operate MC Velo rides, where numbers and rider identity is controlled, making tracing manageable. 

The priority at MC at this time is to ensure the business is not exposing either our 'ride family' or team to elevated risks.

We are also keen to remind you of Cycling NSW guidelines for health and safety at this time:

  • Keep a gap of at least 1.5 metres between riders, including while stopped at intersections
  • Limit groups or bunches to 10 or fewer riders
  • Ensure all riders are self-sufficient in case of mechanical issues
  • At cafes, leave helmets, gloves and sunglasses away from tables
  • Maintain responsible personal and equipment hygiene to the highest level

We will review this situation ongoing and aim to get Open rides happening again on the road ASAP.

You can keep updated on social platforms on the very latest on MC bunch rides: