Rouleur 119: The Soul Issue

Rouleur 119: The Soul Issue

More than any other sport and activity, cycling is all about soul. Cycling gets us from A to B and it keeps us fit, healthy and happy, but even more importantly it makes us feel.

Rouleur 119: the Soul issue explores all the ways that cycling elevates our spirits, lifts our mood and enhances our interaction with the world. 

The funny thing is, nobody really knows what a soul is. Philosophers and scientists have for over four thousand years pondered the existence of the soul. Where is it? What is it? Classical philosophers theorised that it resided in the liver; Aristotle proclaimed that it was in the heart (getting closer now); Plato and Pythagoras suggested the brain was the seat of the soul. Herophilus, a more detail-focused and specific kind of philosopher, posited that the soul was exactly in the fourth ventricle of the brain. Even so, René Descartes concluded centuries later that the soul and the body were separate things. Basically, we haven’t got a clue. But at the same time, we know exactly what a soul is.

That feeling you have when riding a bike or immersing yourself in a bike race? That’s the wave we’re riding in this edition of the magazine.

We are excited by the feature on MC in this edition of Rouleur. Drop in to the Clubhouse for your copy and a coffee!