Roads less travelled?

Roads less travelled?

We are stoked to welcome Apidura to MC!

With growing popularity in gravel and bike packing adventures, there are more bike carry options coming to market. A bag isn't just a bag when riding - ensuring you have sufficient room, easy access to your items, and that the bag will go the distance are all important considerations when making selections for your adventure. 

That is why we have carefully considered the brand options available when extending our range to bike bags and packs. Apidura is a pioneer in ultralight bike packing systems that are built to last - and it comes from experience as a company of cycling enthusiasts who each are on their mission to find better ways to explore the world by bike. 

At MC, we too love to ride often and far, and the adventure this brings. And so when considering our brands, we want to know that brand partners are as passionate about riding as we are, and products are designed and road-tested with fellow cyclists in mind. Apidura is that!

Whether you are planning an overnighter with essentials or some nice-to-haves on the next MC Velo Longest Day, Apidura bike bags are ideal for getting gear onto your bike and off a bag on your back. 

Available soon at MC!