License to thrill

License to thrill

Point at the target and the RZ7 will get you In the growing number of comments from a growing number of Parlee RZ7 owners riding with MC, there is strong consensus on this being not just an aero bike, but a great comfortable bike. This was loud and clear on our recent trip to Bathurst Classic, with 3 RZ7’s on the starting grid.

The Parlee RZ7 comes standard with disc brakes, AR41db Reynolds wheels (which now come with a lifetime warranty) and is designed to cater for high-volume tyre capacity of up to 32mm. 

Now, this tyre volume isn’t what you would expect on a bike designed for speed, but the feedback from our RZ7 owners within the MC bunch is that the larger format adds to the comfort, smoothness, and control on the road...but no visible signs of slowing anyone down!

First impressions. Visually, the bike looks very clean and fast. You won’t find cables hanging around - the RZ7 has been designed with hidden cabling and electronic group-sets at the core (our MC recommendation is to pair this bike with SRAM eTap AXS or Force). Together, this gives an integrated and clean look and brings a much more aero profile than simply being after thoughts.   

One of Bob Parlee’s favourite observations is that “you have to remember that you are 85% of the wind resistance on a bike”. But this hasn’t stopped Bob perfecting carbon design....what do you expect from the guy who spent his earlier career designing high-performance racing yachts for the America’s Cup? Bob started Parlee in 2000 bringing carbon excellence to bikes, and it’s not surprising to discover that the RZ7 borrows from low-speed aerodynamic NACA airfoil designs found in boats and space rockets. Parlee has trademarked its Recurve proprietary carbon tubing design which reduces drag, and also “Speed Shields” for improved air efficiency around the brake housings.

Parlee is best known for its bespoke carbon bike frames in the Z Series. Whilst the RZ7 isn’t a bespoke frame, it benefits from decades of carbon know-how and design experience. In the design process, Parlee analysed all its databased fit geometries of bespoke frames it has made over the past 20 years, and tweaked its design to ensure a fit for 99% of its customers. This probably explains why comfort sits so well with speed and control on this bike. 

We are stoked with how happy RZ7 owners are when riding with us - and they are certainly going faster and further!


“I’ve been riding since the early 80s, and in that time I’ve ridden many different bikes - my RZ7 is by far the best bike I’ve ever ridden. It’s fast over rolling terrain, climbs beautifully and is so comfortable on long rides I don’t use my titanium gran fondo bike any more. 

The finish is spectacular - mine is gloss black with chrome decals that perfectly matches the Sram Red groupset and Enve wheels. I get a lot of compliments on the looks of my RZ7. 

The guys at MC did a great job advising me on the gear ratios, wheels and setup. Their knowledge and guidance was excellent. 

If you are after a bike that you can ride all day, or a bike that can go fast, or a bike that can climb - this is the bike for you. It’s an all round delight without any down sides.” Kev


It’s only the second road bike that I’ve owned in the two years I’ve been road cycling and I trusted MC when they said it would be good. 

I can’t describe how much I love everything about this bike: the look (I arranged for custom factory paintjob in candy apple green); the wheels are extra wide Enve 4.5 AR disc and they really complete the bike; the ride is out of this world... just as if not more comfortable than my other bike. There is nothing this bike can’t do - it really is a do-it-all bike. I’ve nicknamed mine ‘The Hulk’ 💚.  Jeff


“Absolutely love my RZ7. It looks awesome in stealth matte black with the matching all-black Reynolds wheels. I get lots of compliments wherever I ride it! 

It rides superbly too. It’s effortlessly fast but also has all day comfort which really has surprised me given its aero appearance - just seems to absorb road buzz, meaning I still feel fresh after a long ride. It’s a devastatingly good all-rounder! And I love how efficient power transfer seems to be with the bike being stiff in all the right places. This is really obvious to me when I jump back on my other carbon bike.” Sean


MC is proud to be a Parlee dealership. For further info and to book a consultation, including options for custom paint and decals, please get in touch directly with the team at MC and email us at .

Photo credits: Dave Bourne