Philip Hayes joins MC as Resident Performance Coach & Bike Fitter

Philip Hayes joins MC as Resident Performance Coach & Bike Fitter



MC is pleased to get 2022 rolling by announcing that as part of its new collaboration with Connect to Perform, Philip Hayes has joined MC as Resident Performance Coach & Bike Fitter. This extends and rounds out MC’s existing fitting servicing to being full-time with resident skills at the Clubhouse.

We believe that riding a bike shouldn’t hurt which in the first instance comes down to the right sizing, fit and positioning. Whether you are looking for the basics to get going or a full performance or custom setup, a resident expert always available makes this accessible on your doorstep. 

Philip is a certified International Triathlon Union (ITU) Level 2 Coach and a qualified bike fitter, having worked with athletes in Australia and internationally. Philip enjoys helping athletes navigate their own journey including ironman.

Philip describes his own journey as a guide for how he applies his training philosophy with clients. In his previous life he worked as an academic and economic consultant for universities and then an international consulting firm - he was unhappy with work and his own condition, wanting to lose weight. Seeking a drastic change, he entered his first triathlon and hasn’t looked back. 

He has worked with many people in their 30s and 40s after they discover their love for triathlon, and of course those wanting to tune their own high-performance. Philip says, “I believe that in order to achieve the best results, athletes should train both efficiently and sustainably. That means training plans are centred on the athlete and working around family, work and lifestyle commitments. 

“Technology also plays a key role in setting training zones, and to monitor load and intensity across program cycles and frequencies” adds Philip.

“The importance of bike fitting and coaching is key. So often, the bike fit sets the scene for improved training as greater comfort and better riding efficiency will lead to increased power and performance. There is no point working harder on the bike that you have to due to poorly fitting bike parts.” 

The MC premium bike fitting service will provide you with a detailed report incorporating analysis from a 3D motion study that captures your limb angles and movements. This is used to design specific changes to your setup to improve comfort and performance. This report is also used for custom geometry bike setups with MC.  

Harvey Crabtree, MC Patron said: “We are excited that Phil joins us to expand Clubhouse services as we take another step as a one-stop-shop for Sydney cyclists. It continues to be an exciting period as interest in cycling continues to grow as does our engagement with the community through our clubhouse. ”

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