Passoni Prima Disco in store

Passoni Prima Disco in store

Passoni is dedicated to the passion of cycling. Based just outside Milan, passion for the sport and culture of cycling has run through the veins of the Passoni brand and family for the last 30 years. Manufacturing and building each bike in Italy, Passoni has developed a worldwide reputation for creating exceptional custom bike frames in carbon-fibre, steel and titanium.

Alongside 100% custom geometry frame option, Passoni also features standard-sized ready-to-ride bikes. We are smitten to have the Prima Disco in a 54 [M] on the floor ready for the discerning customer. This Prima Disco is dressed with all new DuraAce Di2 and matching wheel set, and ready to ride out of the MC Clubhouse today.

Passoni was one of the first manufacturers to produce titanium road frames anywhere in the world and continues to pioneer its use. 

As a material, titanium has high tensile strength relative to its density. Aerospace was the prominent first application of titanium, and the same qualities that made it ideal for planes also make it an excellent material from which to produce bicycles.

Titanium is as strong as steel but much less dense and lighter. Besides being strong and light, the characteristics of titanium include a high degree of corrosion and fatigue resistance. As a result, a titanium bike frame will maintain its attractive appearance and structural integrity even after decades of use. 

As for riding, despite being tough, titanium is naturally dampening, helping to absorb road vibrations and provide a smoother ride. Greater comfort and reduced fatigue makes titanium bikes well suited to longer rides or mixed surfaces.

MC offers a full range of bicycles from carbon to titanium, made-to-measure and off the peg ready-to-ride. If you have questions about the bike material or sizing that will best suit you, we would love to chat and cover your requirements with our in store bike fitter. 

Please drop by the MC Clubhouse, grab an espresso, and take a look or call for details on the Prima Disco.