Park It for the Planet

Park It for the Planet

Transport is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions impacting our climate. Even with many people working from home at the moment, this is still a problem, and in Sydney carparks are still full as people choose to drive while avoid public transport.

Every time we use our car, we are contributing to climate change. This is not good for all of us. In Australia, we are very and recently familiar with the extreme and unpredictable weather changes. If everybody can reduce carbon emissions by reducing the use of dirty transport, this will help to slow the effects of climate change and reduce the risk of extreme and unpredictable weather.

Riding is an answer

Riding bikes is incredibly popular in Australia. 10 million people ride bikes each year, but only 200,000 ride to work regularly. By using bikes as a form of transport to get around, as well as for fun, we could all make a massive contribution to our planet. 

Every kilometre you pedal saves 243.8 grams of CO2 emissions. If everyone in Australia left their car at home for just one day, we would stop about 120,000 tonnes of Co2 going into the atmosphere!

People who don’t ride very often can start by aiming to ride to work one day a week. Even if your commute is just five kilometres, you’ll save more than 117 kilograms of carbon emissions each year.

Maybe you’re a regular cyclist who heads out to the hills every weekend but don’t use a bike for everyday transport. You could try riding to the shops when you run out of bread or going to school with the kids on a bike. 

Park It for the Planet

On Wednesday 26 August, it is #parkitfortheplanet day where everyone is encouraged to swap your car for a bike. Park it for the Planet Day aims to help reduce the carbon emissions caused by transport in Australia.

Whether you ride your bike to work, or use it to go to the shop, riding a bike is a really easy way to cut your carbon emissions this Wednesday.

If you’re not yet into riding bikes, you can still get involved by simply walking, riding a scooter or skating! 

Join us on Wednesday 26 August 2020 when we #parkitfortheplanet and make your pledge to swap one car trip for a bike ride. 

Park it for the Planet is inspired by ABC’s Fight for Planet A series with Bicycle Network.

Tell people what you get up to with hashtags #ParkItForThePlanet #FightForPlanetA

For more information Australia's Bicycle Network.