It is an exciting period for MC as we anticipate the opening of our new clubhouse. The clubhouse targets a missing experiential element in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and takes MC’s riding and social club, MC Velo, to the next level with an amazing clubhouse to meet, hangout and socialise. 

With the same MC values and service excellence, many exciting new launches are coming as part of the new clubhouse. The first of these which MC is truly excited to announce is the launch of our new brand partner, Attaquer.

Attaquer was founded by Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin,  long-time friends from Sydney, who love nothing more than riding bikes with mates. Coming together to create premium cycling apparel  that is fearless on the road, Attaquer is synonymous with Sydney cycling. 

This launch will bring Attaquer’s retail range to MC and also the new MC X ATQ  collaboration kit. 

Attaquer’s entire retail range will be available at MC online and instore at the Clubhouse, extending from A Line to Race, through to All Day and Adventure. Catering for a wide range of performance, fits, riding conditions and price points. 

In addition, we are stoked about the launch of MC X ATQ collaborations - starting with a new MC Shop Jersey, and exclusive release of collaboration kit for MC Velo in 2022. 

Harvey Crabtree, MC Patron said: “We are super excited to bring together two premier Sydney brands for the opening of our new Clubhouse. Bike-loving cultural alignment and heightened service levels have been features of our collaboration so far and this is a great basis for a great relationship that will extend to our own customers.”

Stevan Musulin, Attaquer co-founder said: “The opportunity to work with MC at their impressive new clubhouse location is incredibly exciting for us. Being able to showcase, not only the Attaquer range, but also create bespoke MC Shop and MC Velo Kit designs is where the real creative expression and partnership of the two brands comes to life. “

Greg Hamer, Attaquer co-founder, said: “We can’t wait to see the store opening, from what we have seen so far it is a very well considered retail experience and customer service focused environment, which is set to cement MC as the premier cycling destination in Sydney’s East.

Harvey added, “It has been a few years since a retail MC shop jersey, and the timing of our new Clubhouse was the perfect time to re-launch with Attaquer. 

We will continue to shape our new Clubhouse in the coming weeks with new partners and features to join the fun.”


About MC

Born on Sydney's Eastern Beaches in 1975, "MC" has been a local institution for over 40 years. 

Generations of Sydney-siders have bought their first bike from us, had their trusty steed brought back to life in the workshop, or simply dropped by for a coffee and highly-spirited conversation. Some even ended up buying the store - but that's a longer and equally true story...


About Attaquer

Attaquer's always been about an attitude, an approach, shaking up the traditions, not conforming to ‘rules’ of what’s deemed acceptable to ride in, or who to ride with. To hell with all that. We love riding our bikes and we do it because it makes us feel damn good. Stoking that little fire that burns inside us all. Chasing that kick we get when we’re riding with our mates and there’s nowhere we’d rather be. We feel out of ourselves and we can be whoever or whatever we want. Sometimes we’re the most audacious, unapologetic, ‘other’ versions of ourselves.

Attaquer is the French word for "to attack", which we reckon is perfect for a company that lives and breathes cycling. When the French pronounce it, it sounds like 'attacke' or 'attak'. We tend to pronounce our moniker 'Attaker' or 'Attacker'. However you pronounce it, Attaquer exists to provide you with premium cycling clothing that will help you stand out in the pack.