It's time for the Longest Day - Friday 4 August

It's time for the Longest Day - Friday 4 August

MC Velo Longest Days are what legends are made of! Our Longest Day is about all day - no time pressure. No clock watching (except for lunch bookings, ferries and trains to catch). A target of 200km (or these days anything more than 160km) that brings freedom for the mind. Nothing but country air, new scenes, and all day with like-minded cyclists.

The last Longest Day saw out the end of Daylight Savings and took us to Ettalong. If you missed the day-long adventure, you can see what you missed out on here.

The next Longest Day on Friday 4 August will be a one way ride to Bowral, totalling 209km. We will be riding along the south coast past Wollongong, Gerringong, and Kiama, on track for lunch in Berry after 145km. After lunch we will ride (climb) through Kangaroo Valley and Moss Vale to Bowral. You can check out the entire route here

This route provides many options: ride to Berry and return by train (or get a lift); ride to Bowral and stay overnight, ride back the next day (or; ride to Bowral and return by train (or get a lift).

Anticipation is already building...bikes readied, nutrition stocked, and even perhaps some fear building.

Cancel all your meetings for 4 August and enjoy the whole day on the bike with MC!

MC Longest Days are for members of MC Velo. If you are interested in joining our riding and adventures, see details here or get in contact with Team MC.