Is shifting gears dead?

Is shifting gears dead?

Is it the front derailleur killer we have been waiting for?

Is it truly the future of both road and gravel, and tri? 

If you would like to answer these questions for yourself, pop into the MC Clubhouse this week where we have one setup on bike for you to experience. 

The Classified Powershift Hub is in store at the MC Clubhouse this week for you to see and try out, and answer these questions for yourself. 

About the Classified Powershift Hub

The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.

Powershift is a wireless shifting technology that allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load. Its first application is the Powershift hub, which replaces the front derailleur. This means that there is no small chainring, which avoids 45% higher chain forces; there is less cross chaining which will increase your efficiency by ensuring straighter chain lines; and no front derailleur will reduce aero drag. 

So what does it mean for your ride?

  • You can shift instantly and under load. Gear changes occur in 150 milliseconds, and possible under load of up to 1000 watts!
  • Ultimate Gear Coverage with 24 gears in small steps, bringing up to 530% of gearing range.
  • The Powershift system and hub is water proof which means no worrying about dirt or rain. 
  • There is no weight disadvantage. The system is equally light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset.

Pop into the MC Clubhouse before this week is out, to learn more. Please call or message us for more info.