While most high volume, generic carbon bike frames are made in China and Taiwan, FiftyOne Bikes has been making incredible bespoke carbon bikes in Dublin since 2016, and is a long-term partner of MC in Sydney. 

This video from David Arthur - just ride bikes provides a wonderful insight into the craftsmanship and approach of FiftyOne Bikes sitting behind their inspiring bespoke bikes and their recent groundbreaking entry into the gravel category with the Assassin. FiftyOne Bikes has earned a reputation for exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality. Their artistry has cyclists around the world marvelling at the extraordinary performance and elegance of their creations, and this includes some very pleased cyclists in our very own MC peloton.

This video is worth watching, to go behind the scenes to hear some of the secrets of FiftyOne’s manufacturing process - from the meticulous selection of raw materials to the precision engineering techniques. Hear about the intricate design process that tailors each frame to the unique needs and desires of its future owner, and how advanced technology and artisanal skills converge.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer, this video is a great introduction to 100% bespoke, custom geometry frames and the process behind them, bringing them closer to your budget than you may have thought. 

MC offers a full range of bicycles from carbon to titanium, made-to-measure and off the peg ready-to-ride. If you have questions about the process,  bike material or sizing that will best suit you, we would love to chat and cover your requirements with our inhouse bike-fitter. Drop in to the MC Clubhouse for a coffee and chat with our friendly team or email us on