For peace of mind, track your bike with an AirTag

For peace of mind, track your bike with an AirTag

As cycling enthusiasts, we cherish the freedom of the open road (and the gravel road!) especially when this is combined with travelling to wonderful places around the world. However, the reality of your bike not arriving at your overseas travel destination on time can leave your travel plans and bucket list ride in tatters. We have been using AirTags at MC with our luggage for peace of mind travel for a few years now, and have become accustomed to knowing your bike has made it to the plane and to the destination before anxiously waiting at the oversized baggage collection. 

Though Apple AirTags are just as relevant when at home because the reality of bike theft can also cast an ugly shadow and leave bike owners disheartened and frustrated. Apple AirTags are an easy step to enhance the safety and security of your bike (at home), and in the worst case, locate it. AirTags offer real-time tracking capabilities, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of your bikes at any moment. Whether your bike is parked outside a café or locked up safely, you can rely on knowledge of where it is by a tap on your phone. Geo-fencing alerts can also be set up to tell you when your bike moves from a designated area - notifying you of potential theft or unauthorised movement. With a battery life of up to a year, AirTags provide reasonably lasting protection for your bike without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. 

Now the question of where to discretely position the AirTag on your bike! This is a fun discussion at MC on what is the latest trick and secret location to hide your onboard AirTag. 

  1. On the frame. Firstly there is the obvious option to discreetly attach an AirTag to your bike's frame using a mount or adhesive. This ensures that the tracker remains securely in place while minimising visibility to potential thieves.
  2. Under the saddle. Another clever AirTag location is underneath the saddle of your bike. Simply tuck the tracker away in a small pouch or compartment, or specialised mount, for discreet yet effective tracking.
  3. Inside accessories. Use accessories such as saddlebags or water bottle cages to conceal AirTags. These options provide ample space for the tracker while keeping it hidden from plain sight.
  4. Make it invisible inside. For added security and increased difficulty to find and remove, the AirTag can be put inside your frame. The options available will depend on your frame and may require a mounting bracket. For example, in modern e-bikes, it is possible to hide an AirTag inside the frame under lock and key.

While the AirTag alarm feature can be useful in notifying nearby individuals if an AirTag is separated from its owner for an extended period, there are instances where disabling it may be warranted to ensure an alarm doesn’t mistakenly alert a potential thief to an AirTag being present.

For those who love redundancy, adding a second AirTag will likely trick any thief so that if the first AirTag is found, they won’t continue to look and the second tag will allow you to continue to track your bike even more discretely. 

From real-time tracking to tamper detection, AirTags allow cyclists to safeguard our pride and joy easily. So whether you're cruising through streets or tackling rugged trails, or sitting at the cafe, you will confidently know that your bike is trackable. 

There is a range of nifty devices to support each of these AirTag options. If you want to discuss AirTag placement options for your bike, or have us discretely hide an AirTag, drop in to the MC Clubhouse to chat on what will best suit your bike.