Cycling and the Australian economy

Cycling and the Australian economy

At MC we love to ride bikes and we love to hear about the impacts cycling brings to our lives. A new report released today rolls that out today.

In addition to obvious health benefits and environmental impacts, this new report by WeRide Australia and EY has identified that cycling adds more than $6.3 billion per annum to the Australian economy and supports 35,000 jobs. This economic contribution is 1 x thoroughbred racing and 3 x motorsports! In NSW alone, the impact cycling has on the economy is $1.9 billion. 

Some Australian cycling stats to get your legs turning:

  • 4.6 million Australians ride a bike in a typical week and 10.19 million rode a bike in 2020. That includes all of us riding with MC!
  • 28% of bicycles purchased were children’s bikes.
  • 7 million bikes were purchased in 2020.
  • Cycling tourism contributes $1.17 billion to direct economic output.
  • 82% of people identify exercise and fitness as the most common reasons to ride a bike.
  • 41% of people surveyed cycle as a mode of transport – for work, school or to the shops.

In all dimensions (economic, health, transport, environmental..), this is a significant report for action we hope it encourages more active thinking, planning and investment. 

You can read the summary report here