Book your bike service - now online at MC

Book your bike service - now online at MC

At MC we believe that prevention, through regular servicing of your bike, is better than the expensive cure later. We have seen this time and time again and with more people cycling regularly, keeping your bike in good working order is not only the reliable and safe option, but the cheaper choice in the long run. 

With more people riding more often, we recommend a major service at least each year, and checkups during the year. This will of course depend on how much you ride, and your typical riding conditions.

But to ensure we can provide you with the quickest and most transparent access to our workshop servicing, we have moved our workshop and bike fitting booking online. 

You can now book servicing and fitting directly on the date that suits you. MC offers a range of service options to suit your bike and needs. 

Book your bike service here.

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We will send you reminders and status updates to keep you up to date with progress