A year later, a great deal of riding, social, and a whole lotta fun.

A year later, a great deal of riding, social, and a whole lotta fun.

In 2019, we launched MC Velo - our community of like-minded and welcoming cyclists, we introduced a hire and experience fleet and teamed up with Rapha Cycling Club for Sydney based premium bike hire, and we became a distributor for Rapha clothing. 

MC Velo came together after a lot of time thinking about how we could assemble a package that would allow us to offer something beyond our normal MC weekly riding schedule. We didn’t want this to be just another offer or an exclusive riding group, and after a year of member benefits and riding success, Velo is now established, we feel it mirrors and develops our own values - it’s something that we love being a part of. 

As we gear up for a bigger and better year in 2020, join us as we take a quick look back at 2019.

Pay it forward | Respect the road | We are MC Velo

In addition to additional weekly Velo rides, each Sunday fortnight brought new adventures in all directions from Sydney. These rides brought new destinations for some of us, and some pushed distance and vertical boundaries for others, which grew our collective capabilities both individually and as a peloton.

After a familiar start following the Tour Down Under and RNP Waterfall in February, our supported Sunday rides started with an adventure to Palm Beach as tropical cyclone Oma propelled us up the coast, and a return via McCarrs. Sundays out to Bobbin Head, 4 Gorges, and RNP, were all prep for our discovery ride west to finish with a special burger lunch in Penrith.

Events at B2B, Bobbo Classic, and Bowral were great weekends during the year where our Velo members created additional opportunities to both ride and socialise.

Our loop to Garie Beach through Audley brought more than snakes alive, with a surprise for those of us with even a little ophidiophobia (no that’s not a bike brand) - a junior diamond python which brought a quick step through the Garie beach bathroom...before a great return through RNP and Waterfall.

While some of extreme weather led to some shorter-than-planned rides and re-scheduling, we finally made it to the Allambie Powderworks and Gorges return.

Our final spin out to Cape Solander this year was a great opportunity to see so many faces enjoying a familiar route and then time to relax with a very Greek picnic and drinks at Maroubra Beach after yet another mammoth effort by our dedicated support crew!

With so much time on the bike together, off the bike has happened too. As strange as it is to identify the rider when not on the recognisable bike or with familiar helmet and glasses, we enjoyed getting together for drinks, pizza and a meal or two. 

We’ll be working on the ‘socials’ - more of these for 2020!

In 2019, our MC Velo community did a lot of riding. 

To put it in context, the MC Velo STRAVA members covered an annual average of 5,500km with 48km of climbing for more than 200 hours each in the saddle. We estimate more than 200 coffees per week.

Thanks so much to all those who created, participated, suggested, led, and supported rides and our social events this year, all contributing to a great experience for everyone - you make our club what it is.

We are always on the look-out for volunteers (riding or otherwise) to help with various aspects of the MC Velo which also includes running the support vehicles on the Sunday Long Rides.

As one member said to us this year...“Awesome community that I'm proud to be part of. Great group of people, excellent variety of fun rides out of an awesome store. Lots of nice little perks included in the membership package that are perfectly tailored for the keen cyclist. Could not be happier with the setup! Looking forward to a full year of membership and everything that comes with it.”

About MC Velo

MC Velo is an inclusive membership open to all, and doesn’t replace MC’s regular weekly riding schedule. 

Riding Benefits

  • An exclusive jersey each year.
  • The ‘MC VELO Scheduled Servicing Plan’.
  • The Servicing Plan also includes free pickup for MC Velo Members.
  • Service priority, same day whenever possible.
  • Fortnightly MC exclusive Sunday long rides, with support.

Community Benefits

  • Discount on store purchases (bikes, merchandise)
  • 48 hour early-bird sales access.
  • In-store events and socials.
  • Priority Places on all MC Travel Events
  • Access to the MC VELO ‘Lounge’ for indoor training and consultations.

You are more than welcome to join us in 2020. For further details and signup, follow this link.

Please note at the time of publishing, there are just 11 days left (until 17 Jan) to sign up for your 2020 Membership to be included in the January kit order.