A lightweight, wide rimmed and tubeless-ready wheelset for your next off-road adventure.

A lightweight, wide rimmed and tubeless-ready wheelset for your next off-road adventure.

MC wheel partner, Parcours, has launched an exciting new gravel wheelset to the range, the Parcours Alta.  

Disc brake specific, the Parcours Alta is designed to be lightweight enough for climbing on smooth tarmac, but robust enough for when you take that gravel road detour, making it a versatile wheel option.

Tubeless-ready, the Alta is designed using Parcours’ proven-and-tested aerodynamic profile, making it a great option for those seeking performance gains as much as it is those seeking a responsive and stable ride.

Both wheels are built with 28 spokes for ultimate robustness, and without the constraints of a braking surface, the 21.5mm inner rim diameter is ideal for a wider do-it-all tyre. This allows you to run a lower tyre pressure, giving a smoother, more comfortable ride, whilst maximising grip and traction on rougher terrain.  

Harvey Crabtree, MC Patron, says, "The introduction of a single wheelset for tarmac and gravel by Parcours is a timely addition. The Australian scene for off road gravel continues to rise in popularity and this is a great and economical option without a compromise in performance, for wherever your ride may take you."

Ultra-cyclist Chris Herbert has been one of the very first to put the Parcours Alta wheelset thought its paces, with it being his wheel of choice for the recent Transcontinental Race, in which he finished in 22nd place.

Chris says, ‘I can’t afford to own a wheelset for everything. I need a wheelset that’s fast on the road, but rugged enough to take anywhere when I fancy heading off the beaten track.

Despite being all purpose, the Parcours Alta wheelset performs comparably to my old race wheels on the road, they actually feel faster, particularly when climbing, and can take far more abuse than I’ll ever manage to dish out.

I know they won’t hold me back on the road, but more importantly I also know they won’t let me down, no matter what gravel road or single track diversions I find myself on and no matter how hard I ride them.

Read more about Chris' Alta trial in Italy here.